Donna "Conejo" Fargo


Donna Fargo is best remembered as "the Spirit of Conejo Valley". A spunky yet caring woman she dedicated her life to the Conejo Valley.

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Donna Fargo - Conejo Valley Days Parade 

Good friends with Mabel Stark, Famed Tiger Trainer, she was also a stunt woman and worked with many famous producers and actors of the early 1900's.

Rewriting what has already been put in the best form is a shame, so borrowed from Conejo Valley Days website is the following:

"Truly a long lasting legend of the Conejo Valley, Donna lived her entire life in the Southern California area, with the exception of a brief stint in New York during her early twenties.

Listing Donna's contributions to the community politically, socially, civically, and culturally, would take volumes to accurately detail. She was an active part of nearly every endeavor in the Conejo Valley during the 50's, 60's, 70's and 80's. She was tremendously involved in all projects, phases and facets of the Conejo Valley Historical Society, its Stagecoach Inn Museum and the annual La Fiesta del Triunfo Ball.

Additionally, Donna was very active on the various committees in the early 60's and their quest for cityhood. She was always an active participant and supporter of everything and anything that promoted a better way of life for local residents and business people. Once she got behind a cause, she was relentless in her pursuit of seeing it through to a positive conclusion.

Donna was a founding member of the original Conejo Valley Activities Committee, which was the predecessor group to today's Conejo Valley Days Committee. It was through their efforts that many community causes and organizations in the area were, and still are, being partially supported by funds raised through Conejo Valley Days activities. To mention the words "Conejo Valley Days" and Donna "Conejo" Fargo, you are really speaking of one in the same. Conejo Valley Days would never have become what it is without her enthusiasm and commitment.

One of Donna's final remarks was in answer to the question regarding her family and relatives, to which her honest and sincere answer was "The Conejo Valley is my family." We'll always cherish the memory of this Conejo family member."

(writer Unknown)

Best friends with many Donna Fargo remains the true founder of the Spirit of Thousand Oaks, and will always be remembered in the hearts of any true "Thousand Oak'ian."

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It was a Sunday, July 22, 1984, when Donna passed away.

All Conejo Valley residents will miss her.

Donna and her values of dedication will always be treasured and remembered for generations to come.








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